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Please fill out the form below and submit it to us.  Upon approval you’ll immediately begin to receive a 20% commission on each collected sale received through your audience.

* Once you reach $1000 or more in collected sales through your audience you will begin to earn 25% in commissions on each collected sale from that point through the end of each calendar year.  (Commissions are not paid on shipping fees).

Amitfy Connect Affiliate Partner Agreement

By joining our influencer program, you authorized amtify connect and its affiliates to use your social media profile images, content images & videos on our site for promotional purposes. Amtify connect will also recommend your profiles to our audiences.

1) Payment & Cut Off Date:  Sales revenues collected from the 1st through the  last day of each calendar month will be paid to Influencers on the last day of the following month. Commissions will be not be paid on orders in dispute unless and until the dispute is decided in amtify connects favor.  Commissions paid to Influencers and all chargebacks related to Influencers referral orders, including those returned and/or refunded, or for any reason associated with the order will be deducted from monthly commissions payable.   

2) Clawback (chargeback) - If influencers/affiliate fraud results in chargebacks, amtify/amtify connect will chargeback the commission paid to affiliates /influencers. The chargeback period is valid for 6 months.


3) Influencers and affiliates are prohibited from using  pay per click advertising  to drive traffic /sales directly to However, Affiliates are allowed to use any type of advertising or other means to drive traffic to their own blog, site or social media network.


4) Influencers and affiliates are not allowed to use PPC (pay per click) to bid on amtify/amtify connect name, domain or any related name such as but not limited amtify connect & amtify.


5) If there is any dispute with regard to policy, payment terms, commissions. chargebacks etc, amtify connect has the sole right to the final decision.


6) Payment:  Affiliates/influencers must provide a valid PayPal account in order to receive payment.

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